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PEOPLE ARE TALKING - Outstanding Realtors, Exceptional to work with - Great experience in Every way
PEOPLE ARE TALKING - Compassionate & Professional - Friendly, Warm, Personable
PEOPLE ARE TALKING - They made us feel like Family - Excellent Service, Very Supporting during difficult times
PEOPLE ARE TALKING - Honest & Professional - Highest degree of professionalism, attention, and personal assistance

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Why We Do What We Do

Norm & Phyllis

Norm & Phyllis


This is more than just a job; it is our passion. Our mission is to make a difference. Our mission means absolute dedication and commitment to our customers and our community. It means doing whatever it takes to improve each situation we encounter.



Opportunity is fleeting. When it presents itself, you have to be ready and decisive. Through higher education and the latest technology, our team is ready. We search for opportunities to represent the best interest of our client. When opportunity doesn’t present itself—we create it. We like to win.



Time is a valuable commodity. Yours, ours, everyone’s. It’s something we’ll never squander. When we’re with you, we are focused on you and your needs. We will spend our time taking care of you--our client--without distractions, without fuss, without nonsense. Your time is important to us; we take it seriously.



For us, “integrity” isn’t just a word, it’s a way of life. It means saying you’ll do something and doing it. It means follow-through. It means you can count on us. It means being the best you’re capable of being, and it’s what you’ll get from us at all times.



We don’t like surprises. Understanding the real estate market requires a wide-angle lens. To see its full picture means we are constantly mining our local real estate data and interpreting upcoming market trends. This enables us to plan ahead for potential pitfalls or opportunities. There’s no app for that.



We accept no less, not professionally and not personally. We strive to be the best in all we do, from community service to the real estate decisions that will impact our clients’ lives. We think out of the box. We are problem solvers. We are change agents.



Serving is just part of our DNA. Not just serving our customers, but serving our communities and the causes we are passionate about. Serving means we are giving back. Giving back gives us purpose. Serving is at the root of all of our core values.

What Our Clients Say

People Are Talking

We found them exceptionally good to work with, very personable and very committed to their work. We would be quick to recommend them as outstanding realtors. - T&JR

Great experience with Norm in my house buying adventure. I had a short window of time to find home before lease on apartment expired. Norm was ready and available with variety of listing. I would use their service in future home purchase. - NT

Norm and Phyllis got us an offer on our parents' house on the first day of listing, because they knew who was looking within that neighborhood and who would appreciate our particular house. Then they guided us every step from contract through closing. They are very compassionate and professional. - RD

Helped me every step of the process. Very knowledgeable about Greenville and any legal and paperwork stuff. Handled setting up any appointments for me. -

Friendly, Warm personalities, personable, professional -

Norm & Phyllis were hard-working, friendly, knowledgeable, and constantly available. They made us feel like family. -

Honest & Professional. -

Excellent service from date of listing signing. Very supportive during difficult times and events. -

Norm and Phyllis were our buyers agents when we purchased our current home. They were knowledgeable about the area, worked well together as a team, and helped us find just what we were looking for. We enjoyed working with them so much, that they are now the listing agents for our former home. -

I cannot write enough to express the degree of professionalism, attention, and personal assistance in the sale of my home provided by Norm and Phyllis. My situation was very difficult related to a divorce and a very uncooperative ex partner. Norm went above and beyond what any real estate agent would be expected to do in order to get a good price for my home and sell it quickly. I only wish there was a Norm and Phyllis to help me purchase my next home in Colorado. -


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